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About The Pool
The Buhl Park Pool is available to the public and features a spacious 207,000-gallon pool overlooking Lake Julia. It also includes a diving board, an AQUA Climb Rock Wall, and a shallow area for children.

The pool is staffed and operated by employees and the management of Buhl Park. All management and guards are trained and certified in Red Cross Lifeguard Training, First Aid & Safety, and CPR & AED machines. An adult member of the management team is on duty at all times.

A concession stand, Julia's Cafe, is open daily and has many offerings such as pizza, hot dogs, snacks, and drinks. With a great family atmosphere, the pool is a cool way to enjoy a hot summer’s day! 




4 passes per household. 

Children 3 & under are free



Family Add-On


Per additional family member

(Same household)

Hermitage & Wheatland Residents

Discounted pricing is available. Must show proof of residency.



Single pass for all ages

Children 3 & under are free


Please read over our list of rules and regulations

2023 Swim Lessons


Guppies: Level 1

Ages 3+

  • For the beginner who is comfortable in the water

  • Swimmers learn the basics of swimming: bobbing, going underwater, and supported swimming.


Sea Turtles: Level 2

Ages 4+

  • Swimmers should already be able to float & put their head underwater

  • Swimmers work on independent front & back floating, independent front & back glides, front crawls, and kicks.

Dolphins: Level 3

  • Ages 5-6+

  • Swimmers should already be comfortable swimming the front stroke & back stroke

  • Swimmers will work on gliding, freestyle with side breathing, breast stroke, retrieving objects under water

Sharks: Level 4

  • Ages 7-8+

  • Swimmers should already be able to swim front/back crawl 25 yds

  • Swimmers will work on rotary breathing, freestyle, backstroke, scissor kick, diving, intro to turning at wall.

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