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Photographer/Videographer Registration

Buhl Park welcomes all professional and semi-professional photographers and videographers, we just ask that you register and schedule your session(s) ahead of time. There is a $50 per year fee that is required with registration as well as your lanyard and access card to be worn while photographing/videoing in Buhl Park. Please read the information below to see if this applies to you:

Permit Specifications

Ongoing professional photographers and videographers who bring in clients for staged sessions using Buhl Park as their studio space MUST apply for a permit. Examples are:


• Engagement/Proposals

• Maternity/gender reveal

• Lifestyle (Newborn/child/family)

• School sports/Senior pictures
• Holiday portraits

• Professional and group headshots/portraits

• Videography associated with all of the above

*If your client has rented a Buhl Park facility, you are not subject to a fee. However, you are still required to register and pay the yearly fee if you have other clients throughout the year that do not rent a Buhl Park facility.

Photographer Permits ARE NOT REQUIRED for anyone who is casually taking photos for personal use while enjoying their time at Buhl Park.


As always, we enjoy seeing all the ways you capture the beauty of Buhl Park and continue to encourage you to tag us on facebook and other social media platforms.

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