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Environmental Education

Take advantage of our hands-on, inspiration environmental learning programs and opportunities. Nature can make any educational experience more effective and fun by boosting mood and enhancing brain function. 

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Winter 2023

Outdoor Playgroup

Come learn together about the seasons, plants and animals and explore Sandy's Place with Buhl Park's Environmental Educators!  Age-appropriate outdoor activities & crafts. Registration is limited - contact Katie at or 724-981-5522x105 today.


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Boy/Girl Scouts

Bring your troops to Sandy's Place! Park educators can lead your troop in activities on a variety of different topics, including: plants & animals, ecological principles, conservation, gardening, composting, orienteering skills, nature & bird walks, night hikes and nature crafts.

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Scheduled throughout the year

Sandy's Scouts

Sandy's Scouts is a family-based, year-round, outdoor learning program with 45 badges (activities) to accomplish. Each month an event is planned that provides an educational lesson followed by a guided activity to accomplish a related badge. All programs are loosely structured and outdoors. Click here to read the handbook.

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Field Trips

Connection to the real world is such an important part of education. Teach kids about the outdoors! Our field trip programs are taught in Sandy’s Place, and other park locations for a unique learning experience. We will lead your students in activities to facilitate their exploration while having fun.

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Scheduled throughout the year

Kid's Craft Nights

Spark your creativity and activate your imagination as we experience the awe and wonder of nature here at the Park. Offering a "craft of the month" evening for kids ages 9-12. 

Coming Fall 2022
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Summer Youth Program

Camp Counselors concentrate on subjects such as environmental education, team building, creative arts, reading and writing. This program not only offers children outdoor play while learning in a safe outdoor environment, but it also provides them the opportunities to meet children from other schools.  

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