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Wetland Restoration 

Buhl Park is undertaking a wetland restoration project designed to improve the structure & function of three existing wetland areas (cells). The goals of the project include reducing and controlling sedimentation, allowing the wetlands to filter existing nutrients and contaminants, reducing algae buildup in Lake Julia, & improving the quality of the water in the lake & the lower Shenango River Watershed.

A critical component of the project will be the design and installation of a flow control device at the point of outflow from the areas into the lake. This device will allow water to flood the existing areas, thus restoring the structure and function of the wetlands. The work elements will also include the excavation and removal of non native invasive species, including Phragmites, the construction of three observation areas, with boardwalks, ADA accessibility, site restoration and native plantings, and informational and environmental education signage.

Upon completion, the restored wetlands will become an important addition to Buhl Park’s Environmental Education programming, as well as enhancing and improving the environment, in general, for the benefit our community.

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