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Frequently Asked Questions

See Rules & Regulations for full list.

Where are Restrooms located? 

There are restrooms located by each Shelter and by the Tennis Courts, Driving Range, and the Pool House. Open restroom locations vary with the season. During the Spring/Summer/early Fall months, all restrooms (not including the pool house) are open from 8-close. During the end of Fall through Winter months, the Pool House, and Shelter 3 restrooms are open from 8-close. Please be aware that some restrooms may close for maintenance. 


Are vending machines available?

There is a vending machine called "Big Worms Fishin' Bait" with water, Gatorade, various snacks, and live fishing bait located next to the Pool House.

It is open year-round and accepts cash and credit cards. During the Pool season and during pool hours, we have Julia's Café available to the public to purchase drinks and snacks. 

Is Julia's Café open to everyone?

Yes! Julia’s Café welcomes everyone throughout the park. Check out the

pool schedule to see when the café is open.


Is the Casino an actual Casino?
Despite the name, the Casino is not a typical Casino that we know today. The term "casino" back in the day was used to refer to place of gathering. With the deep history of the building of over 100+ years old, the term stuck, and "Casino" has been used ever since. 


Do you have to rent Shelters?

Yes. All Shelters must be rented ahead of time and can be done online.  Additional rentals are also available. Picnic tables that are outside of the shelters may be utilized at any time. Please note that tents (pop up, professional, or otherwise) are not able to be setup without Buhl Park’s written permission.

Please contact for additional questions.

Do you have grills or can you bring in your own grill?

We do not have grills but you are more than welcome to bring your own grill along with your Shelter rental. If you do bring in your own grill, there are designated areas at each Shelter where the grill must be placed and an adult 18+ years old must be in charge of the grill at all times while in use. If any coals, wood chips, etc are used, please dispose of them properly. 


Can we take pictures anywhere?

We encourage visitors to take pictures throughout the park and especially love when they tag us on social media. However, professionals, semi-professionals, or anyone who has “clients” are required to obtain a “Photographer Permit” from Buhl Park’s offices prior to their photoshoot. For more information, click here.


When is the Park open?

We are open year-round with seasonal gate opening times.

Spring, Summer, and early Fall: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Mid-Fall through Winter: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

The Golf course is open from dawn to dusk all year round

The Shop is open daily-- call for hours


Is smoking allowed?

There are designated areas where smoking is prohibited, such as all the Shelters, inside all restrooms and facilities, inside or around all playgrounds and children areas. Smoking is also prohibited on the veranda of the Casino Ballroom and through any dense tree areas.


Are skateboards, roller blades, and motorcycles allowed? 

Yes. Skateboarders and rollerbladers are allowed in Buhl Park but must stay on the main roadways and adhere to the traffic pattern. Skateboards and roller blades are prohibited on the Fitness trail, inside Shelters and facilities, or on any property that is not the main roadway throughout the park.

Motorcycles are able to come in the Hazen Rd. entrance and park in the lot across from the Casino. Driving through the park is prohibited. 

Can I walk my dog without a leash?

No. All dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6ft long. If you would like to have your dog unleashed, we have a member’s only off-leash dog park. To learn more or to become a member, click here.


Are all types of events allowed in Buhl Park?

Buhl Park welcomes all types of events from birthday parties to reunions to fundraisers. However, your event may require additional fees and/or paperwork. Please contact for more information.

Are you related to the Avalon at Buhl Country Club?

No, we are two separate entities. Buhl Park is a 501(c)3 non-profit privately owned business while the Avalon is a for-profit privately owned company. Their contact number is 724-981-6700


What is the Shop and where is it located?

The Shop at Buhl Park is located at 1290 Forker Blvd in Hermitage. It is the home to all Buhl Park Merchandise, from sporting equipment to t-shirts, and even artwork. It also houses our Trackman Golf Simulators.


Are you allowed to fish on Lake Julia?

Yes. Ages 16 and older are required to have a fishing license issued by the PA Fish and Boat Commission. Under the age of 16, a license is not required. You are allowed to keep the fish that you catch, but keep in mind the open and closed fishing seasons. For more info, click here.


Are bouncy houses or food trucks allowed for my event?

Yes. Bouncy houses/inflatable attractions are allowed for your event. However, you must fill out the Inflatable Policy Form, pay a fee of $50/inflatable and provide proof of insurance. Food trucks are also welcomed to cater your event. If they need to be “plugged in”, there is a $50 fee per food truck. If they work on a generator, there is no fee required. Placement of both inflatables and food trucks must be determined by Buhl Park. For more information, visit our rentals page.


Are drones and motorized boats allowed in Buhl Park?

No. We currently do not permit drones of any type inside of Buhl Park. Motorized boats are not able to be driven on the water due to our boat rentals on Lake Julia. We may have events that allow these items in sporadically throughout the year. 


Can I donate to Buh Park in memory/honor of someone?

Yes. You are able to donate online or send a check payable to “Buhl Park” through the mail. All monetary donations made to Buhl Park in honor/memory of someone goes directly to our annual fund. We also offer a variety of memorial options that can be purchased separately outside of the annual fund. To view a list of memorials or for more information, click here.


Does the swan belong to Buhl Park?

No. Buhl Park does not currently own a swan but we do get visitors who migrate over from either the Avalon or from private residents. Please keep in mind that the swan is considered a wild animal and while the winter seems harsh, they are equipped to survive.


Can I park on the side of the road?

While there are some designated areas you can park on the side of the road, we strongly encourage guests to use the parking lots to keep the roadways clear of pedestrians and Buhl Park work vehicles.

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